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Katiria and I realize the game is still tiny, but that doesn't mean you should be bored and have nothing to do! So to that end, here's a discussion post where we can all chat and talk about our characters' relationships and things that could maybe spark some plots.

This is obviously optional! But if you choose to participate, please fill out the following form:

Meanwhile, we're also planning to have the monsters find their way into the town, and here's a poll about it.

Monster invasion?

Sounds awesome! Let's do it right this second.
Cool down on the mod-run plots for a little while, we want to come up with our own plots!
I have a suggestion that I'll leave in the comments.

That's all! Plot, enjoy, talk, be awesome.
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Elle Bishop


March 19 2010, 22:29:38 UTC 8 years ago Edited:  March 19 2010, 22:29:52 UTC

Character Name: Elle Bishop
Current Relationships: She's too new to really know anyone, but she's pretty sure she doesn't like Krycek.

Character Issues You'd Like To Explore: First, there's her desperate need for approval/attention/affection. She's been attention-starved her whole life, so if anyone gives her a few words of praise and a pat on the head, she'll pretty much follow them blindly. She's not difficult to manipulate if you go about it the right way.

There's also the way she relates to her ability and how she'll handle having it reduced (hint: badly). She derives all her sense of self-worth from her ability, so to have it suddenly be lame and inconsequential in an environment where she has the freedom to flip out and hurt people if she wants should be interesting.

There's plenty more, but I think those are good starting points.

Current/Upcoming/Potential Storylines: None.

Traits/Issues/Etc. That Could Spark Plots:

Crazy Electricity Power: Elle likes poking people with it and showing it off. So chances are anyone she bumps into on the street will get a healthy dose of it. But water is her nemesis! So drag her to the docks and give her a dunking and you'll succeed in humiliating and defeating her.

Daddy Issues: Like I said, Elle needs someone telling her what to do and patting her on the head so she'll probably be looking for a strong-willed person to latch on to.

Creepy Flirty Tendencies: She tends to come on really strong with guys, without entirely realizing what she's doing. So she could hit on someone and then... reap the consequences when they get angry/confused/put off/horrified?
I really want Norman to eventually have "Mother" kill someone because damn, St. Oldcastle has a lot of wommens here. Elle seems like she'd be a good fit, especially since she really wouldn't realize that she was flirting with Norman. The only problem is, Elle's new. If you want to do this, we can have it be a gradual thing or something like that.


Re: Elle Bishop


8 years ago

I'd love the monsters to invade, though I think we probably need a little more time to develop relationships/homes beforehand. I love mod-driven plots, they just need to be timed right. :)

Also- could we maybe put a "Wanted Characters" button on our advert? I know that's the first place I look when apping, and I noticed our banner thingy doesn't have a link at present.

ON TO THE FORM... which will probably be unhelpful.

Character Name: Rose Tyler

Current Relationships: None, really. She's curious (and cautious) about Krycek, and gets a kick out of Leonard. OUTSIDE relationships that could affect her = The Doctor, her mum Jackie, and her ex Mickey.

Character Issues You'd Like To Explore: Functioning as a leader instead of a follower. If the game grows and the group is still stuck, she'd likely try to create a Torchwood-esque research group. Wants to find The Doctor. In general, I do not pamper my characters. Any kidnapping, injuring, possessing, and life-ruining you'd like to throw at Rose will be gladly accepted.

Current/Upcoming/Potential Storylines: Rose will be exploring the church and trying to figure out where everyone is based on religious findings. Anybody could be a part of this, and if the mods have any suggestions on books/artifacts she can find for the greater plot, fire away. I won't be starting this til I'm back in Illinois with AIM (currently in Arizona til tomorrow).

She will also be talking with Leonard, I'm sure, who will magically know about The Doctor and the TARDIS... from watching them on TV. D:

Traits/Issues/Etc. That Could Spark Plots:

- Alien Species Know-How/Desire to research the creatures
- Jealousy (though this would be more an issue if The Doctor showed up)
- Crazy about finding The Doctor; could be easily manipulated.
- Flirting when she's actually uninterested... cruel girl.


8 years ago


8 years ago


8 years ago


8 years ago

Character Name: Leonard Hofstadter
Current Relationships: He likes Rose Tyler and thinks the Marvel Cast is pretty damn cool, even if it is crazy Evo Pyro and not normal comics Pyro.

Character Issues You'd Like To Explore: Leonard has no concept of "hoofing it". Eventually, he'll have to do some sort of horrible wilderness activity because he's Leonard and this is St. Oldcastle. He will have no idea how to do it. The boy probably can't even tie knots properly. Some wilderness fail would be wonderful. Also, he misses home horrendously, especially Penny. From the point that I've taken him, Leonard and Penny have started dating after one season of him crushing on her and one season of on-again off-again dating. He loves her deeply and probably emos in his house that she isn't here.

Current/Upcoming/Potential Storylines: None that I can think of. Eventually he's going to realize that fourth-walling people may not be the brightest idea ever.

Traits/Issues/Etc. That Could Spark Plots:
-Huge dork
-Will fourth-wall the hell out of you

...also, I've been considering Penny from Dr. Horrible. Would the name be too traumatizing? <3


8 years ago

Character Name: Shosanna Dreyfus
Current Relationships: Zoller. Is such. A creep. Really though, she's okay with him as long as he's not hounding her for lying/shooting him/whatever her latest crime is. She pretty much trusts him with the big things (ie. to not kill her) but still doesn't think it's a good idea to tell him her name.

Bridget: Shosanna's a little bit of a fangirl, and will probably be way more of a fangirl if she ever finds out Bridget was a British spy.

Leonard: They kind of friendly during the high school event. So she knows who he is at least.

Character Issues You'd Like To Explore: I'd really like to get her interacting with people other than Zoller. She needs to start working through her aaangst and her crazy revenge obsession and like, learn to interact with people again. Not everyone is a Nazi, Shosanna :C

In general, getting her to find people she's comfortable talking to and eventually maybe even opening up to sounds like a good plan.

Current/Upcoming/Potential Storylines: Dodging Zoller's probing questions.

Traits/Issues/Etc. That Could Spark Plots: I'm honestly not sure. She's so antisocial. I guess she could finally get caught in a lie she can't talk her way out of, but the only person who would care is Zoller and... yeah.
Dodging Zoller's questions? D:
Character Name: Norman Bates
Current Relationships: Zoller: Another slightly creepy but kind of adorable guy! It's like they're brothers from another mother. Norman likes Zoller
Deb & Krycek: He feels slightly awkward around them, mostly because of the cussing.
Bridget: Teeny tiny crush, but that's mostly because she's actually nice to him.

Character Issues You'd Like To Explore: His shelteredness. I've been playing Norman as having him insanely sheltered, mostly because canon states he would be and his mom was nuts. People will be making pop culture references or generally making references to life that Norman wouldn't get, due to the fact that he's a insanely sheltered virgin with a mommy complex.

Current/Upcoming/Potential Storylines: I really want Norman to kill someone. We've got plenty of wommenz here who would fit the bill. If "Mother" kills a girl, we can have a little detective plot going on or something like that. Plus, if public knowledge of his DID gets out, we can have the added fun of 'I'm not crazy! D< '.

Traits/Issues/Etc. That Could Spark Plots:
-His mother is here with him. And by that I mean his house has his mother's mummified corpse in it and Norman is as crazy as ever. But Norman won't let you into his house and he'll say that Mother just got yanked here with him.
-He never shuts up about his damn mom.
I'm willing to let Bridget fall victim to "mother", although I think she'd be more of a fight than Norman is used to (although, that said, she's a bit physically disabled at the moment)...the issue might be how to co-ordinate it, though, as our time zones are very different. :X
Character Name: Debra Morgan
Current Relationships: She pretty much knows who everyone is, but the only person she has strong feelings about is Krycek. She really doesn't like Krycek.

Character Issues You'd Like To Explore: Deb's a roiling mass of insecurities and self-doubt at the point I've taken her from. She really needs to work towards some stability and being confident in her abilities as a cop. I'd like to see her character develop similarly to the way it does on the show, just find other triggers and ways of pushing her in that direction.

Current/Upcoming/Potential Storylines: Hunting down Krycek, the bastard. She's probably going to get cop-ish and start keeping track of who everyone is, in the least creepy way possible.

Traits/Issues/Etc. That Could Spark Plots:
All them insecurities. She's jumpy as hell and will probably beat someone up in the near future.

Also she's probably going slowly mad without Starbucks and her brother's culinary skills. She can't cook worth a damn but she can't live without steak. It's a conundrum. Maybe someone could teach her to cook?
When I'm back on AIM, plot with Rose, please! If Rose someday founds a New Torchwood, cops are the kind of person she will want there.


8 years ago

Character Name: George Sands
Current Relationships: Krycek is a dick, Deb is an pretty cool guy, Bridget is very very pretty.

Character Issues You'd Like To Explore: Part of George sort of thinks he belongs out in the wilds with the monsterrrssss.

But as he's here, he'll very much be about trying to set up a community, and trying to live a nice happy life. While lying constantly about his stupid werewolfiness.

Current/Upcoming/Potential Storylines: None right now!

Traits/Issues/Etc. That Could Spark Plots: WELL, HIS SECRET WEREWOLFINESS IS THE MAIN ONE :C But also, the desire to build a happy normal life and the ability to be proactive about ignoring the incredibly weird could feed into a plot possibly. I'm not sure how yet, but it could!
ALSO, I'm probably going to drop billy so I can focus more on getting this mug active again, so no filled in form for him.

ALSO ALSO, I love mod plots but I think like, it might be good to have a bit of a longer break before pulling out a new one so that characters (who might have gone on shitty two week long unannounced hiatuses :X) can get more settled into living in STO as well as like, living in a constantly changing place.

...if that makes sense :X

Re: George Sands


8 years ago

Character Name: Alex Krycek
Current Relationships: Uhhh...I don't think anyone likes him. He's a jerk.

Character Issues You'd Like To Explore: Continuing to be a jerk?

Current/Upcoming/Potential Storylines: ---

Traits/Issues/Etc. That Could Spark Plots: Being that much of a jerk? I suck at these things. :P


8 years ago

Character Name: Fredrick Zoller
Current Relationships: Well, he still like Shosanna. He likes Norman, Bridget, Leonard, and pretty much everyone else he's met aiight. He doesn't know why George hates him (or probably even register that George does), but ehhh...

Character Issues You'd Like To Explore: Being a Nazi in a more contemporary group of people. Because I'm not sure how much of the ideology he believes himself, although he is a Nazi hero.

Current/Upcoming/Potential Storylines:----

Traits/Issues/Etc. That Could Spark Plots: I'll think about it.
Bridget and you need to don lederhosen and show off German pride!...even if our goals/ideologies are very different.
Character Name: Bridget Von Hammersmark
Current Relationships: She's outwardly on friendly terms with most people, being an actress and all that. Although like everyone here, she doesn't really like Alex Krycek and of course, thinks Oliver St. Oldcastle's an asshat.

Character Issues You'd Like To Explore: Bridget's a double-agent, which, though no one here (yet) can exploit, she still has some guilt/fear about that.

Current/Upcoming/Potential Storylines: Bridget wants her drink with St. Oldcastle >:(

Traits/Issues/Etc. That Could Spark Plots: Running out of bubbly, needing to amputate her leg....saving $200 a month by switching to Geico?