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Renovations: THE RESULT

Hi guys! We've decided to do everything we thought we would: overhaul, move, and introduce tap-dancing ducks. Well. The ducks don't tap-dance. But. Um. THERE ARE DUCKS C:

And it's technically Friday. This took a really long time to finish.

Part 1: THE MOVE

This is the part that got debated the hardest, because it's a pain for everyone. But ultimately, I think it's for the best, and here's why:

STO feels a bit like a dying horse and has for a while now, and rather than continually trying to flog it, having a fresh start, a tweaked premise, and more attention-grabbing stuff will, I hope, attract new players, which is something that STO wasn't doing very well. The new ideas and the location should be easier to market in interesting ways.

This was my first time designing a game, and because I overthink every little thing, I made a lot of comms and pages that were pretty unnecessary (or just unnecessarily long). So, streamlining was hugely important, and having fewer comms to keep track of and fewer (or at least, I hope, easier-to-navigate) pages seemed like a good way to simplify and make life easier for everyone.

Those were the two big reasons. The third, and very silly, reason was that when I was researching for the new place and coming up with a name, I looked up "time" on wikipedia, and I discovered The Long Now Foundation, and thought that was the coolest name ever and it seemed like fate.

The new game is at thelongnow_rpg. There's a handy Directory and everything. Browse around if you like. But there's more for you guys specifically, so if you're still interested, read on:


Slightly tweaked premise, you say? But what IS it?

The main difference is that instead of a town, you're in a house. A smaller space means people SHARING the same space, which leads to easier plotting than say, ten people all living in different parts of some town with a bunch of wilderness to wander around in.

The second difference is that there's more timey-wimey going on to confuse, annoy, and generally create mayhem. More specifically, each floor of the house exists in a different century. There's more details over at the new comm.

There are a few other little things, like roommates and the potential for Alex Krycek to get the only key to the pantry. The details are all over there.

Pretty much everything else is at least similar to STO. Oliver's still in charge, so he'll still pop up from time to time if/when things start to drag, though now there's some other crazy person too. Or at least some crazy notes that'll be shoved under your doors in the middle of the night. 'Cause, you know, crazy notes are fun. The monsters are still around - they mostly hang out in the attic.

STILL WITH US? OKAY PHEW. The awful part is over.




You're still willing to roll with this crazy rollercoaster? Thank goodness for you.


Here's what you do to get in on the fun:

1. Comment here, letting us know that you'd like to keep your character(s). You'll automatically be added to all the usual lists, so no need to go commenting over there. If you're not sure whether you want to drop a character, you don't have to decide now. We'll happily transfer any and all characters.

2. A few new things:

First, every character at The Long Now has a "temporal link," which is basically some object that means something to them that keeps them rooted in their own time so they're not affected by the timey-wimey in the House. In your comment here, let us know what that'll be for your character, so it's written down somewhere in case, idk, it becomes important later.

Second, go get a room and a key. Everybody gets a roommate, and you can work that stuff out with other people here, or there, or wherever you want. Or just let us randomly pair you up, whichever. Roommates are the same sex. There are probably an uneven number of guys and I think there are definitely an uneven number of gals, so not everyone will be paired up right away? But. Hopefully new people will be along.

3. Go join thelongnow_rpg, thelongnow_logs, thelongnow_ooc, and if you want, thelongnow_spam.

4. YOUR CHARACTER WILL REMEMBER ALL ABOUT STO. Yeah, feel free to have them freak out about suddenly being in a new location. Unless you WANT to give them amnesia.

Consider this an informal activity check. Anyone who doesn't comment here by Monday 4/19 will be considered dropped from the game.

And... I think that's it. I know this was A TON to dump, but we hope it's something that will renew interest and activity and not, uh, scare everyone away. WE LOVE YOU AND HOPE TO SEE YOU ALL THERE.

I'm going to start advertising frenetically tomorrow. In the next day or two, there'll probably be a couple tweaks to the layout and maybe adding/subtracting to the FAQ to make it less tl;dr, but there won't be any major changes.

Any comments/questions/WTFAREYOUDOOOIIIIING/GOD YOU SUCK/cute pictures of baby animals, please leave them here as usual, or hit me up on AIM. I'll get to them as soon as I can tomorrow. Thanks!
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