St. Oldcastle Mods (stoldcastlemods) wrote in stoldcastleooc,
St. Oldcastle Mods

4/10/10 - 4/14/10

Bwuh whaa huh? Overall, there's been a gradual decline in STO-related happenings since the game opened, so this feels like a good time to take a breather and evaluate. Me and Katiria are going to have a pow-wow and figure out if/how/why interest is waning, and see what we can do to fix the things that are going wonky and make the game more fun.

So... what does this mean for the players and the characters? Welllll... I have no idea right now. We may decide to overhaul the game, we may decide to move it, we may introduce tap-dancing ducks, we're not sure yet. But we will definitely keep in mind all the stuff you guys have been doing and everything you've brought to the table <3

We very much hope you'll all stick with us while we flail (or rather, while I flail enough for two people) and that any changes we make will be of interest to you.

There'll be a post up this coming Wednesday with details. And. Like. Coherency. Sorry for the mess. Any comments/questions/concerns, leave 'em here!
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