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St. Oldcastle Mods

A few little updates and changes:

Two new pages, namely a Directory that'll be floating at the top of the mod journal for easy browsing of all the important info pages, and an Event Calendar to keep track of all the official plots/events/etc. going on.

There aren't any plots right now, other than the bi-monthly regularly scheduled events, so if anybody's got suggestions for mod-run plots, remember to drop by the Suggestions Post and suggest 'em, or post in the OOC comm or poke one of us on AIM about any player-run plot suggestions you've got.

The Rules have been slimmed down a little, though admittedly not much because I love the sound of my own typing. I did try :c

I rearranged the tags in the stoldcastle comm so that only the person who posted the entry gets tagged instead of everybody who responds to the post. I think, in the long run, this'll make it easier to navigate old entries.

Over at the Locations page, the locations have been rearranged so they're in alphabetical order instead of whatever random order they came to me in when I wrote them. Also the Kingwood Foss map has been replaced with a photoshopped one instead of the handdrawn blob map that was there before.

Finally, I redid the profile layouts so it's something other than a random photo I found on the first page of Google images. And as suggested, I added a Wanted Characters link to the ads, and there'll be another ad with a cooler picture up in the next day or two, as soon as I come up with some catchy wording and html and stuff.

If you guys have any suggestions on how to pimp the game other than RP!S and various RPG ad comms, I would dearly love it.

EDIT: There's also a swanky new section on Food Storage and Preservation over at the World/Premise page. If you guys have any other questions about the Victorian era/technology/etc. don't hesitate to ask!
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