Rose Tyler (iwantyousafe) wrote in stoldcastleooc,
Rose Tyler

'ello, love!

Hi everyone! I'm Laurey, (or Lauren) a newbie to this game but not to role playing. I'll be 24-years old on the nineteenth of this month. I'm psyched to see several of us living in the CST timezone!

St. Oldcastle will be my first pan-fandom; in the past, I've stuck to Harry Potter (Narcissa, Gabrielle) and Final Fantasy (Aerith, Rinoa) games. I'm very excited to bring you Rose Tyler, the blonde Companion of Dr. Who fame. I hope to see more Whovians around, but can't wait to start the crossover love! 8D


- I can write Rose as if she's speaking in a dialect (i.e. "'ello" vs. "Hello"), BUT... I'd like to match what you all are doing. Is anybody else writing in a dialect, or are you writing normally and just reading the speech alterations in your head?

- WEST. Get ready to be hassled. Rose is going to see your Eccleston-face and think "DOCTOR!!"

- For Who fans - Rose is taken from AFTER Doomsday but BEFORE Journey's End. Thus, she currently works for Torchwood after being separated from The Doctor on Bad Wolf Bay. She has never met Meta-Crisis Ten; he does not exist.

Feel free to hit me up on AIM: LaurenInGame. I want to meet you all!
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